Nova Scotiables

The Nova Scotiables have built a reputation across western Canada as a high energy maritime revue unmatched by their peers. Bringing an

Nova Scotiables2020-02-14T20:44:54-07:00

The Key of H

Whether they’re singing a traditional song from the British Isles or a modern song that sounds like it could be trad, The

The Key of H2020-02-14T20:38:30-07:00

Get Reel

Hailing from the East Coast of De Winton and the North Shores of Calgary, our jolly ship’s crew will explore a lively

Get Reel2023-03-24T18:57:40-06:00

Morrissey’s Private Stock

Most of these lads have been transplanted to Calgary, Alberta from the rugged shores of Newfoundland where the Celtic music, along with

Morrissey’s Private Stock2020-02-14T20:47:22-07:00

Barry Luft

Barry Luft’s singing has woven rich, colourful threads into the fabric of folk-style music in Alberta for more than fifty years. Barry

Barry Luft2020-02-14T20:15:55-07:00

Cathy & Nobuo

Versatile performer Nobuo Kawaguchi teams up with cellist Cathy Checora to present their distinctive renditions of some of your favourite folk and

Cathy & Nobuo2020-02-14T20:21:52-07:00

On Irish Street

This group of talented musicians returns to Celtic Folk for another set of lively songs and tunes. They have also played together

On Irish Street2020-02-14T20:01:52-07:00

Pat Kelleher

“Great set of songs and lovely singing.” ~ Christy Moore 2008 One listen to any of Irish folk singer Pat Kelleher’s music,

Pat Kelleher2020-02-14T19:52:29-07:00

My Son Ted

Originally formed in 1998 as Celtic band, Tir na n’Og, changing times, tastes, and, temperaments have fueled our reinvention as My Son

My Son Ted2019-06-12T16:23:39-06:00

Gerry Madigan

Folksinger/songwriter and banjo/guitarist, Gerry Madigan, is a seasoned professional with an impressive musical pedigree. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, where he was weaned

Gerry Madigan2019-06-12T16:20:53-06:00
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