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June 2, 2018 Club Album

From the Concert – Driving the Celtic Trail on June 2nd, 2018. Performances included: Hazel Grey and the Hubcaps,

June 2, 2018 Club Album2019-01-23T11:19:56-07:00

Horizon Ridge

Horizon Ridge is a group of fine multi-instrumentalists and seasoned vocalists known for their intuitive, tight harmonies and polished a cappella singing.

Horizon Ridge2019-01-23T11:26:01-07:00

On Irish Street

This group of talented musicians returns to Celtic Folk for another set of lively songs and tunes. They have also played together

On Irish Street2019-01-23T11:28:25-07:00

Hazel Grey and the Hubcaps

Hazel Grey and The Hubcaps are two versatile and dynamic groups of musicians who will be joining forces to perform a set

Hazel Grey and the Hubcaps2019-01-23T11:29:25-07:00

Concert – Driving the Celtic Trail

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the musical journey while we drive along Alberta’s Celtic Trail. The performers for the night will be

Concert – Driving the Celtic Trail2019-09-05T19:15:05-06:00

The Oak Trio

David Morrissey, Emilie Kirwan, and Dan Mills are three talented musicians who frequent the lively Oak Tree

The Oak Trio2024-02-27T13:20:22-07:00
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