The Doll Sisters

When you hear The Doll Sisters, you’ll recognize them. They are an acoustic duo from Rocky Mountain House, AB, who captivate audiences with their haunting harmonies and beautiful instrumentation. The girls play guitar, fiddle, bodhran, banjo, and mandolin. Jenna(18) and Shelby(17), love the fact that being a roots musician affords them the opportunity to cover all the genres that they love so well. Celtic, Folk, Bluegrass & Appalachian to name a few.

Altho’ the girls will often do cover songs that they love – they have been hard at work writing their own music for a while now. And when you listen, you will find that their original music is unmistakeably a product of their influence. No matter what they play, their music and arrangements have a sound that is all their own, and when tradition calls….they will answer!!

The girls’ website address is and there are links to all of their social sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc), from their website.

The girls can be reached at