Stephanie LovattSteph Gabriel Lovatt is a native of Dublin Eire.

She grew up in post war Europe.

It was about 40 years after the Irish Free State was formed.

Grandmothers told stories of the troubles.

It was during Churchill’s embargo of food ships coming into Ireland.

Everyone was poor.

It was also a time of a huge cultural reawakening when Irish people went deeply back into their roots.

Going to a ballad session was what everyone did.

The ballads were an oral history.

Events recorded in the emotions of the people.

Accounts of love, war, parting, separation, deportation, prison ships immigration, loss.

Songs of beauty. Songs of hope and love of the land.

Always sang with a defiance of spirit and a calling to account.

Some Irish ballads are sung in the Sean Nos style.

Sung without music as many of the very old songs are.

Remembered through mothers and Grandmothers.

Steph Lovatt is continuing in this tradition and telling the stories as the history of the Irish peoples continues on all shores, and new pages are written.

Steph will sing two songs in the Sean Nos style, and one with guitar.

Steph is a singer and songwriter presently living in Calgary.

For more information send an email to Steph.