Sean Somers and Stewart Smith

Sean Somers and Stewart Smith are accomplished musicians that have travelled the world together playing music – but not for what you’ll hear at Celtic Folk Calgary. Going back some 15 or so years, Sean and Stewart were formerly foes “on the boards” competing against each other at the world’s highest levels on the Highland Bagpipes as both soloists and bandsmen. Tired of wearing 40 pounds of wet wool in the pelting Glasgow rain year after year at the World Pipe Band Championships, Sean and Stew began to look for alternative musical outlets. Both took up other “celticy” instruments (Irish pipes, smallpipes, borderpipes, whistles and guitar), and haven’t looked back since. Out of the rain and wet soggy wool, they’ve enjoyed the warmth of local pub sessions, and have also been featured performers at the Calgary Highland Games, various local functions and won the top spot at The Calgary Feis’s traditional music competition a few years back.