Magnolia Buckskin

Magnolia Buckskin are Kathy Cook, Natasha Platt, Emily Triggs and Corry Ulan

They say she can bend strings faster than the Sundance Kid can pull his gun! Calgary’s own Kathy Cook is a multi-instrumentalist playing mandolin and guitar. Her sultry vocals and song writing abilities have won her praise with the James Keelaghan trio, Jenny Allen, Ruth Purves-Smith, Tim Williams, Ralph Boyd-Johnson, Rose Hip, and Wilf Carter.

Natasha Platt can play anything she puts her mind to including piano, accordion, guitar and banjo. She’s been writing music since she was a teenager and performing solo for many years as well as with bands: Bufflehead, the Collective and The Bitumont Players. She is known for her powerful vocals, unforgettable melodies and her ability to engage an audience.

Emily Triggs had an early start in her music career performing for family gatherings since she was small enough to fit inside a guitar case! This bilingual beauty honed her natural talent in Hemmingford, Quebec before heading west and joining Calgary bands, The House Doctors and the Fallen Angel band. Her honest, warm, rich voice will win you over.

Corry Ulan has been with the ladies since March of 2009, she brings her banjo, guitar and bass playing abilities into the mix. As a Calgary resident for 10 years, Corry has played in local bands, Nothing but Trouble, Slow Talking Walter, Ink, New Street, and the Nancy Laberge band. Her quirky, often humorous songs add a new dimension to the honey and silk of Magnolia Buckskin.