Kirk MacNeillKirk MacNeil is a guy who spent the early part of his life growing up in Cape Breton Island on the East Coast of Canada. Cape Breton is an Island with deep traditional Scottish and Irish Culture which influenced Kirk’s taste in music.

His desire to sing East Coast/Celtic music goes back to his days when he used to be a full time magician on cruise ships and was asked to sing a few tunes on a cruise ship review show in addition to his magic. Fortunately for him after one of his stints at sea, he met up with the late great John Allan Cameron who was very kind to Kirk sharing the love of Cape Breton Celtic Music at an East Coast Music Awards festival which Kirk volunteered at. Kirk then took some singing lessons from Paul Gatchell who is the lead in a show which is very popular among locals and tourists to Cape Breton called “Spirit of the Island”. Paul who was also the lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera Canadian Production, cast as the Phantom, was a great guidance on voice which helped Kirk discover his vocal range as a singer.

Although Kirk loves to sing traditional tunes and Cape Breton tunes, his career of recent times is that of an airline pilot, hence he jokes about it and calls himself “The Singing Pilot from Cape Breton”. Kirk looks forward to sharing a bit of Celtic Traditional Music reflecting his love for Cape Breton Island.

Check out two of his videos on YouTube. Here is the link to the first, and here is the link to the second.