Diminished Fifth

At last year’s Water Valley Celtic Folk Festival, Diminished Fifth were compared to a box of fine chocolates. The band prefers this description to being compared to a bowl of mixed nuts! A connoisseur of quality chocolates will tell you to toss the illustrated guide that comes with the box and go with the flow, expect the unexpected and be prepared for a variety of content. Such is the case with a performance by Diminished Fifth, whose repertoire is a multi-lingual, multi-national, multi-instrumental romp of a musical offering from the Celtic Lands and beyond. Karen and Michael Pollock, Natalie Manzer and Steven Méthot serve up shimmering harmonies and home-grown arrangements sure to tempt and delight the musical sweet tooth, with even a little something for those partial to a cappella. But unlike the guilty pleasure of partaking in a few too many Callebaut truffles, Diminished Fifth won’t add inches to your waistline. They also guarantee that there won’t be any of those beastly orange crèmes, or –ugh- coconut.

You can contact Diminished Fifth by email.