CELTARA is a collective of five accomplished musicians from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada wielding fiddle, harp, flute, accordion, piano, bouzouki, guitar, bodhran, djembe, and world percussion instruments to great effect. From flying-fingered foot-stomping jigs and reels, to beautiful ballads and richly textured and layered songs, Celtara entertains their audiences with traditional and original “New World Celtic Music”. Tami Cooper, Bonnie Gregory, Steven Bell, Andreas Illig, and Mark Arnison bring infectious energy, engaging warmth and humour to concert halls, folk clubs, festivals, ceilidhs, community halls and house concerts, private events (and trains and riverboats! And elephants!!). Audiences describe their experience of a Celtara concert as “joyous”, “awesome, beautiful, toe-tapping music”, “a timeless and enchanting evening”, “inspiring”, “heart wrenching, soul mending, spell-binding and original”, and “foot-tapping, celtic joy.”